Cartridge Pack

Cartridge Pack

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Cartridge Pack

Each Cartridge Pack includes:

  • 8 Same SKU 4-CAP Cartridges* (Case Yields 32 RTU Quarts)
*Available in Formulas: #3, #11, #23, #35, #38

    Products Available

    #3 Indoors - Eco-Friendly Multi-Surface Cleaner

    A lightly scented glass and surface cleaner for the removal of light soil from glass, mirrors, chrome, desk & counters, telephones and whiteboards. 

    CAPS Micro Dilution


    #11 Enzysan - Multi-Surface Neutral Cleaner/Deodorizer 

    Bio-based and Enzymatic cleaner/deodorizer that utilizes healthy bacteria to neutralize unpleasant odors in restrooms and all locations where odor is a problem. Ecologo and USDA certified. 

    CAPS Micro Dilution


    #23 Illumin - Mild Bio-Acid Daily Restroom Cleaner 

    A mild, plant-based restroom cleaner suitable for daily use in cleaning and maintaining restroom fixtures, showers, & locker rooms. Counteracts the buildup of body oils, soap scum & mineral deposits from hard water.

    • Removes stains from porcelain
    • Whitens grout

     CAPS Micro Dilution


    #35 POW-R-CAP - Powerful, Solvent-less Petroleum Cleaner/Degreaser 

    Removes food wastes and petroleum-based stains as well as ink and permanent marker. Will not damage painted surfaces or metals. 


    #38 Grease Out - A Powerful, Green, Solvent-Free Food Waste Cleaner/Degreaser

    Grease Out is a powerful cleaner/degreaser that can be used as either a surface cleaner on counters and desks for the removal of marker and graffiti. Can also safely remove food oils and grease in kitchens, cafeterias, etc. No Rinse Necessary.